The purpose of EMS(Equipment Management System) is establishing a management platform based on equipment, which achieve the goal of preventive maintenance by setting up the maintenance information of equipment and accessories management.

The Core of Equipment Management

EMS(Equipment Management System) is a equipment management platform, which has provided necessary management tools and maintenance process such as maintenance plan, maintenance list and accessories control. Therefore, the technician can understand maintenance information and manage it immediately.

Key Capabilities

Basic Information

  • Management Plan
  • Equipment info.
  • Maintenance Info.
  • Maintenance Content
  • Maintenance Code
  • Accessories Management
  • Authority Management

Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance Plan
  • Enter Maintenance info.
  • Enter Maintenance Report
  • Aperiodic Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

  • Maintenance Application
  • Enter Maintenance Info.
  • Record Maintenance

Accessories Management

  • Accessories control
  • Inventory Check

Management Report

  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Maintenance Report
  • Accessories Info.
  • Accessories Usage Search
  • Inventory Check
  • Maintenance Record

Platform Screenshot