EAP(Equipment Automation Program) is the basis of automation of manufacturing. EAP can automatically control the equipment directly and receive engineering data from different machine. Thus, monitoring and analysis of manufacturing will be easier by EAP.

The Core of Automation

When MES(Manufacturing Execution System) assigns the work order to EAP, EAP will confirm the material, recipe and the state of equipment and control the equipment to produce. Besides, EAP receives all information of equipment from ECM. Therefore, workers can collect the measurement data easier and monitor the equipment immediately.

  • EAP supports SECS/GEM protocol which semiconductor industry adopts.
  • EAP receives all information of equipment and measurement data from ECM.

Key Capabilities

WIP Management

EAP records and traces the inventory and states of WIP. EAP also provides sampling plan with some rules of counts or time, so the engineer can monitor the flow and the quality of WIP.

Engineering Data Management

EAP collects engineering data and standardizes it to specific communication protocol(SECS/GEM). EAP will upload the data to MES so that the engineer can monitor the usage of equipment and collect the measurement data easier. Thus, the process R&D will be more effective and efficient.

Equipment Management

EAP manages the equipment and records the event history of the equipment. When an alarm event occurred, EAP would notify the AMS so that the relative workers can clear the alarm as soon as possible.

Material Management

Workers can manage the usage of material or WIP and trace the usage history of material/WIP on EAP.

Recipe Management

Workers can add, revise or delete the recipe. During the setting process, EAP will confirm that the recipe can be executed on the equipment.

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Product Comparison

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