Data Analysis is the Key to High Productivity

Due to the short-term product life cycle and the demand of customized product, the manufacturing system must be optimized continually to fit the quality requirement of different clients. With the Six Sigma Methodologies(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), the analyst can define problems by data report and find the key factor by analyzing data. Therefore, data analysis will be the important part of smart manufacturing.

Moreover, The report form Deloitte in 2019 indicates that companies adopting smart factories increase the labor productivity, factory capacity utilization and production output by 12%, 11% and 10% in three years  respectively. Moreover, the labor productivity of these companies will increase 2%-12% by 2022. As a result, smart manufacturing will be the ace in the hole in the changing market of manufacturing.

What Kind of Service Do We Provide?

  • Visualization Tool of Production Analysis
    AgileView provides the most comprehensive Manufacturing System Analysis report, which is based on Six Sigma Methodologies(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). AgileView provides 60 report and management tools to help you find the cause of the production problem and solve it in order to carry out the concept of manufacturing optimization.
  • Statistical Process Control System
    SPC(statistical process control) is an essential tool of quality control. Analyst can monitor the quality of WIP immediately by setting up the control chart and emergency plan. When the measurement reach the warning line, SPC would notify the relative workers to clear the exception event.
  • Engineering Data Analysis & Machine Learning
    Because of the trend of yield rate optimization, analyzing the engineering data by statistical learning and machine learning is the new trend of quality control. With the help of EDA(Engineering Data Analysis), the analyst will find the possible causes of process problem by statistical charts and machine learning tools. EDA also provided specific charts for different industries such as semiconductor industry and panel industry to optimize the yield rate.
  • Production Diagnosis and Consultation
    AltoStar owns consulting team which composed of different industry background. From the research of automation system to implement of AgileView, consulting team will provide production diagnosis and consultation, and the team will develop customized chart to reach the goal of optimal efficiency and profit.