About us

The Pioneer of Smart Manufacturing

AltoStar, the pioneer of smart manufacturing, whose consulting team has been dedicated to smart manufacturing for over fifteen years. With customized automation system of manufacturing, automation system of logistics and production analysis platform, we have assisted more than ten leading companies to establish and improve smart manufacturing system. We believe that the key to assisting clients to improve the profit is tens of years of experience and professional skill.

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Various Experiences of Automation

AltoStar owns various experiences of automation form Semi-conductors industry, panel industry, opto-electronics industry, PCB industry and so on. By advanced skill as well as various experiences, we provide the best solution for your company.

24/7 Oncall Service

AltoStar owns 24/7 consulting team which composed of different industry background. Consulting team will provide production diagnosis and consultation from the establishment of automation system to the maintenance of automation system.

Choose AltoStar, the Fourth Revolution Starts