AgileView provides the most comprehensive Manufacturing System Analysis report, which is based on Six Sigma Methodologies(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). AgileView provides 60 report and management tools to help you find the cause of the production problem and solve it in order to carry out the concept of manufacturing optimization.

The Cornerstone of Flexible Production

Due to the short-term product life cycle and the demand of customized product, the manufacturing system must be optimized continually to fit the quality requirement of different clients. With the Six Sigma Methodologies(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), the analyst can define problems by data report and find the key factor by analyzing data. Therefore, data analysis will be the essential part of smart manufacturing.

1. Define

  • Define the problem
    1. WIP Flow → Cycle Time
    2. Low Capacity → OEE
AgileView provides:
  • R01-Productivity Gap Chart (x1) Classify the problem.

2. Measure

  • Measure every performance of the equipment
  • Find possible causes
AgileView provides 33 charts
  • R02-Variation Analysis (x1)
  • R03-OEE Analysis (x5)
  • R04-EQP Productivity Analysis (x5)
  • R05-Recipe Speed
  • Performance Analysis (x7)
  • R06-Alarm/Event Analysis (x1)
  • R07-Idle Time Analysis (x2)
  • R08-EQP Unit Speed Analysis (x5)

3. Analyze

  • Analyze the key factor within possible causes.
AgileView provides 16 charts:

Trace the dispatching flow of each material unit to find the cause of the problem.

  • A-WIP Flow Performance Monitor(x3)
  • Piece Process Performance Monitor (x2)
  • Supportive Information (x8)

4. Improve

  • Make to-do list
  • Evaluate the risk
  • Set up the goal
AgileView provides 5 management tools:
  • T- Target Maintenance (x3) To manage Up Time,Utilization, Flow Factor, Speed Loss and Speed KPI of the equipment

5. Control

  • Monitor the result
  • Standardize the Methodology
AgileView provides 5 management tools:
  • C- Speed Performance Statistic Control Chart (x5) Draw the Speed KPI Control Chart to manage the exception event.

AgileView Provides Numerous KPI

Production Diagnosis and Consultation

During the implement of AgileView, AltoStar will provides consulting team to conduct the production diagnosis and consultation. The consulting team will develop customized chart to reach the goal of optimal efficiency and profit.