BCS(Block Control System) authentically integrates the inline equipment. BCS integrate the state of inline equipment and WIP so that the equipment would produce efficiently and achieve the goal of balanced production rate.

What Kind of Role Does BCS(Block Control System) Play?

In the past, one EAP server can only control the equipment one at a time. However, BCS(Block Control System) integrate the state of inline equipment and WIP. When BCS received the work order from MES, BCS considers states of all equipment and assigns the work order. Meanwhile, BCS also collect the engineering data and upload it to MES, so the engineer can monitor the states of WIP and equipment immediately.

BCS adopts CC-Link IE of Mitsubishi PLC in order to monitor the WIP data, equipment data and measurement data of inline production line.
BCS will upload the data to MES, OEE, SPC and so on.

BCS is widely applied to TFT/LCD industry

Multiple System Application

In order to save the cost, this application connects multiple standalone equipment with one CC-Link IE. As a result, the number of PC board is decreased. We can control each equipment on BCS.

In order to save the transit time between two production time and improve the production rate, this application uses two inline bridges to create a short cut.

In order to share the equipment resource and manage similar production line. This application uses one BCS Server and less than three CC-link IE to connect the equipment.

Key Capabilities

WIP Management

BCS records and traces the inventory and states of WIP. BCS also provides sampling plan with some rules of counts or time, so the engineer can monitor the flow and the quality of WIP.

Equipment Management

BCS record the state history of equipment and upload it to MES. When an alarm event occurred, BCS would notify the AMS so that the relative workers can clear the alarm as soon as possible.

Material Management

On BCS, workers can manage the usage of material or WIP and trace the usage history of material/WIP.

Recipe Management

On BCS, workers can add, revise or delete the recipe. During the setting process, BCS will confirm that the recipe can be executed on the equipment.

Product Comparison

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