The Advantages of Automation of Logistics

The logistics report from Accenture Consultant Company in 2017 indicated that the logistics companies which electronically upgrades their logistics system increased revenue growth rate by 13% each year. The implement of MCS(Material Control System) and WMS(Warehouse Management System) can automate the logistics system and improvement of accuracy rate of inventory. MCS can even calculate the shortest transit path and identify the material by RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification) so that the transit cost and inventory cost would be decreased drastically.

What Kind of Service Do We Provide?

  • Automation System of Material Control
    With the assistance of MCS(Material Control System), MCS will execute the transit command from MES(Manufacturing Execution System), which includes selected material, carrier and destination. MCS will trace and control RGV(Rail Guided Vehicles), AGV(Automated Guided Vehicles), OHT(Overhead Hoist Transports) and Stockers, and MCS calculates the shortest path. All the logistics information will be produced by MCS for engineers to monitor the system.
  • Warehouse Management System
    With the help of WMS(Warehouse Management System), the logistics will be traced and controlled electronically from material picking to delivery. WMS also calculates the optimal method of picking and transit path so that the efficiency and accuracy rate of inventory would increase.