AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)is the key factor of Intelligent Logistics. AGV calculates optimal path and time of each transit of material accurately. Therefore , the production line doesn’t need to wait for required material to produce.

From “People Go for Goods” to “Goods Go for People”

Due to the lack of automated carrier in the past, the manufacturing system requires lots of labors to do the job of loading, picking and unloading. Any inventory data needs to be recorded manually so that the accuracy rate of inventory can’t be at a high level. Therefore, AGV can calculates optimal path and time of each transition of material accurately. Labors can work at a fixed location to do the job of packing and inspecting. Because of the standardization of transit time of material, the production line doesn’t need to wait for required material to produce.

Industry Solutions

One, Smart Warehousing


Smart Warehousing is a logistic solution based on “Goods Go for People”. Each transit process such as loading, picking and unloading is executed by AGV, and workers can monitor the logistics at one station with warehouse management system. Warehouse management system will monitor the operation of AGV and any exception message, and it calculates the optimal loading place to improve the efficiency of warehousing.

Expected Benefit

52 %

Efficiency of Loading, Picking, Stocktaking and Unloading

48 %

Labor Cost in Department of Inventory

Two, Smart Factory


Flexible Production is one of the core concept of smart factory. By integrating ERP, MES and material control system, material control system can adjust the schedule of transition immediately according to the execution of the work order. Therefore, it can be easier to switch the work order. The material control system can also fit in lots of changeover events and keeps optimizing the transition of material.

Expected Benefit

25 %

Efficiency of Manufacturing

42 %

Labor Cost