AMS(Alarm Management System) is an essential part of automation system of manufacturing. An excellent AMS can send corresponding message to different workers immediately when an exception event occurs. AMS provides complete response mechanism to make sure that the alarm is handled properly and lower the downtime.

The Management Center of Alarm

When production process error occurs, BCS(Block Control System) and MES(Manufacturing Execution System) would detect the error and upload the exception information to AMS. AMS will send the alarm message to corresponding workers according to the type of alarm message. AMS can send different message to different workers for an alarm. Besides, AMS provides response mechanism so that AMS would notify other workers if the worker doesn’t response the message in time.

Key Capabilities

Response Mechanism

You can set up the response number so that AMS would resend the alarm message between a fixed time if the response number is lower than the setting. If the alarm time is over a fixed time, AMS would send other workers in different level to make sure that the alarm is handled properly.

Send the Message by Groups

When an alarm occurs, the alarm message can be sent to different groups with different contents. Absolutely, the response mechanism can be different between groups so that the workers can handle the alarm faster.

Ignore and Close the Alarm

If there are duplicate alarms in a short time, you can set up the ignore time(e.g. ignore duplicate alarms in 10 minutes) or force to close specific alarm in order to control the manufacturing field.